Connections are everything, Pathcom is the path maker of Communication, Connectivity Solutions & Internet Services. Pathcom’s Managed Connectivity Services for modern businesses are designed to help you implement the digital transformation requirement of the Organisation with high available Network, low latency, bandwidth on demand, and more.


Internet Services

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Our Communication & Connectivity solutions are focusing Business Continuity and customized to fit your specific needs.

Pathcom is a carrier naturalistic managed connectivity service provider for Reliable, stable, resilient and secure connection options for your business. Business Internet and Networking solutions like Point to Point, Domestic MPLS, Global MPLS comes in a range of connection types through preferred services providers.

Our Network Engineers architect and monitor all connections, customized to fit your specific needs. No matter how complex, our focus is providing fast, secure and redundant connectivity to your business. Our 20+ years of ISP expertise means we can streamline your communications by building a network that unifies users located in multiple offices, in different cities. Our Business Internet is that your connection is fully managed and monitored 24×7 to ensure maximum uptime, backed by an SLA.

We are able to offer clients a wide range of secure, reliable, low latency data services that help them expand and enhance their own network infrastructures. From a delivery perspective we operate as a trusted business partner and remain a strongly customer focused organisation dedicated to providing the control and connectivity our clients need to succeed on a global stage.

Our Managed Connectivity Offerings:

Business Internet Connection Services

Global MPLS Services

Domestic MPLS Services

Point to Point Network Services

VOICE & PRI Services

Business Continuity Solution Services

Managed Connectivity Services with High Availability and Reliability.

Just the way it should be.

Pathcom’s Managed Connectivity Services gives you many ways to stay connected. Regardless of how you choose to build your network, you get premier service and undivided attention to keep your business performing at high speeds around the clock. We have pushed our services even further to ensure you get your own dedicated account manager, provide remote troubleshooting and have 24×7 support available to assist you when you need them the most.

All our Managed Connectivity Services come with the following:

Support when needed most

Remote, On-Site assistance and On-site installation is included with all business connectivity plans. Our support team goes extra mile always to provide the best assistance. If you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties, our 24×7 support is available by email, phone and chat.

Connection Monitored 24×7

To ensure your business never suffers from an unexpected downtime or service degradation, all your connections are monitored 24×7. Any anomalies detected in your traffic trends triggers an alert to our NOC engineers who closely monitor, resolve the issue and keep you informed.

Resiliency & Reliability

Our connectivity solutions are built with redundancy solutions which always route the traffic to alternate lastmile, backbone or gateway network. The regular scheduled fallback testing ensures more reliability of the Network and guarantee 99.5% SLA and our services are bound by industry-leading SLAs.

Network Dashboard Portal

Get transparency into the health of your connections. Compare your weekly, monthly, and yearly usage. Service availability of your remote locations, each tunnel, each links and service provider wise performance matrix can be obtained. Can set auto alerts for high volume traffic or a drop in connection.

Carrier Neutral Network

We are not carrier specific operator; we work with customer specific operator or multiple operators to ensure SLA are met to our clients. We do work towards interconnectivity between multiple service providers for high availability and optimized latency when it comes international network access.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Our enterprise Network Monitoring Application provides 24/7 remote monitoring and management for links, routers, switches, tunnel, servers and desktops. All the alerts are being notified to customers through multiple modes and automated incident is generated which track the status and create RFO.